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Dave made a point I was just thinking about. Diesels. The newish QSB3.3T cummins makes 300+tq at 1400rpm.

Question: peak torque /= best FE?
So does that mean lower the rpms to get better or raise them? Raising just injects more fuel, so that can't be right. From what I see, a 600rpm --> 2800rpm range with peak tq from 1400rpm on up seems to me that lowest rpm for highest given tq would produce ideal results. All of this of course depends on the body the engine propels.

No mean to get crazy, but this topic seems geared towards gas motors and their efficiencies. Pretty sure diesels work differently despite the ICE similarity.
Thoughts? Comments?
Someday I'd like a 3.3 in my Sonoma. I know it can be done, but the engine is the hard part; expensive and not easy to find.
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