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Originally Posted by energy0uth View Post
any update on this?
I've check the crank-shaft position sensor to , it was good

I've remove the ECU in order to get a replacement, and noticed it smell burn. I've open it ( I was sure it was gooped in thick stuff but it was not) and noticed it as a big burned spot. Two 1watt 100ohm resistor seem to have cause this damage, and flowing copper traces on the pcb they seem to lead to the 2 coils.
So , my coils were probably not that good.

I was not able to find a perfect fit for replacement coils ( always different shapes and pin-out) And changing the coil and the ECU was not necessary going to work. I was tired of doing mechanics on this car. I bout a 2004 Toyota echo and scraped this one.( long-term parking was also an issue, so I was In a rush)

I have some stuff for sale from this car

All the 4 lights
Brakes parts

4 tire on rims
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