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Speeding ticket WHILE HYPERMILING! I can't win...

Yesterday, I was gently puttering back to college, going 50-52mph on 55mph country roads. As I was coming into a small town, I flicked the shifter into neutral and engine-off coasted past a 45mph and a 35mph sign. I let the car coast down to 25mph before starting it up.

The next thing I knew, I had flashing lights in my mirror. I turned the engine off and coasted down to 0mph and pulled over. The cop asked me if I knew why I had been pulled over, and I honestly had no idea. It turns out that I had been doing 40mph in a 35 while coasting into town.

I tried to explain that I drive slowly and conservatively, but it was no use.

So, I got slapped with a $75 ticket for going 40mph in a 35 zone in a podunk town while hypermiling. Damn small town cops...

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