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Take it to court, and explain to His or Her Honor EXACTLY what you were doing. Let him know that you were simply coasting down to the posted speed, rather than wasting momentum and contributing to pollution by releasing asbestos dust into the air (brake pads).

Explain to him that coasting is easier on fuel consumption. The very worst thing that will happen, is that he will tell you that it's illegal to coast in neutral (in many states, there are laws about it.) and that you should have left it in gear to allow the engine to slow the car down to an acceptable speed.

Normally, you can contest a speeding ticket of less than 5mph or less by simply stating the obvious: There is a margin of error on car's speedometers, even given that all things are OEM and the same, two seemingly idenical cars will travel different actual speeds at a given "displayed" speed.

Tire wear and associated drivetrain wear will actually make your speedo not read correctly, and there's not much you can do about it, which is part of the reason you don't see many people complaining of getting a ticket for 1-5 mph above the speed limit.

Whatever you do, don't "just pay it". That's what they would like you to do, and everyone else as well... if you do that, you're bowing. It only costs another $6 to take it to court, and often times, it costs the state more than the ticket to actually perform the proceedings. 9 times out of 10, the officer won't show up, and you win by default.

Also - google this term: "Never talk to an officer" or "Why you shouldn't talk to cops"

It's very enlightening, and in one of the videos, it's actually a cop explaining how talking to a cop, even telling the whole, complete, unabridged truth, can NEVER help your case.
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