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Even though its a relatively minor ticket and will likely cost you more to take the day off and drive there than just paying the fine, it will possibly be worth fighting it in the long run. This is mainly due to the hidden costs of tickets...higher insurance rates, affected credit scores, etc.

Fight it even if you have to hire a lawyer.

If it was just $75 and no other repercussions then it'd be an easy decision but the private sector tends to nail you for years afterwards. I don't know if I'd mention hypermiling, some bad press about that in the news lately. Look for technicalities such as the radar gun isn't listed in the accepted list they keep (they do that here) or the gun wasn't calibrated on schedule like its supposed to, or the officer made a mistake on filling out the ticket, or didn't file it correctly within the time allotted, etc etc.

PS I'm not a speed demon and have only gotten one ticket ever but fought it cause I know the hidden repercussions.
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