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Originally Posted by XFi View Post
This set of rims has been SOLD

Thank you everyone for the offers...the top two were very close.
I thought mondomania had them until ravenrollercoaster from GS PM'd me a slightly better offer.
Mondomania $225 -40shipping -12dismounting 0packing/handling = $173
Ravenrollercoaster $180 (local, no shipping)
Again, very close and thanks for the bids.

1/2 of this ($90.00) will be donated to EcoModder to help off set expenses.

I do have a second set of (5) VX Rims with almost new LRR tires mounted on all five....thinking about selling. I will start a new thread if I decide to sell them. PM me if really interested, but shipping would be high with the tires.
Well another set slips through my fingers.
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