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Originally Posted by Dust View Post
The write-up I saw for AT supplies said tat I needed to cross a blue wire and a white wire, and I don't have a white one, so I am trying to figure out how to get it to turn on without a MB hooked up to it.
You would just turn the switch on and you would have +/-5v +/-12v and grounds along with a power good wire and some other items rarely used.

You need to remember though, very old AT power supplies require a load resistor of sufficient size to turn on or an old hard drive or something with sufficient power load to bring them up, I have NEVER had an AT PSU that required anything other than a load to turn on, the power good line prevents the PSU from turning on by showing a voltage or a connection to ground, so if it isn't there then the PSU will turn on anyway. (assuming the supply is standard and not damaged)

Good Luck
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