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That battery box is only welded around its edge, Is that really strong enough to hold 5 batteries? Id reinforce it a bit myself (But i prefer to play it safe).

Definitely extend the battery box into the spare wheel well for the two other batteries. But leave a 2" strip of the unibody between the two battery boxes and reinforce that part of the unibody to both battery boxes.

As for the seat or cargo area?.. Id say keep the seat.

Ok, the seat is too high. Can you not solve that by rebuilding the bottom section of the rear seat. - Use the seat frame, a sheet of thick plywood and some thick firm foam as the seat itself. Basically, raise the seat as need be, but reduce the thickness of the seat foam to keep it looking stock. Use firmer foam so your butt doesnt get jabbed by batteries.

Just my opinion and an idea. Love your car, great work and keep it up.

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