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Wow, nice project. It'll be interesting to see what kind of mileage improvement (especially at highway speeds) you can get out of a Prius with its Cd in the mid 0.10's.

I'm curious why you would want to delete the wipers when it would be fairly easy to make a windshield/deflector (as a rearward extension of the hood) that would keep the airflow from impacting the wipers, with the only drag penalty being the 1" high slot where the wiper would emerge from under the shield when being used. It would be interesting to see how they are handling the wiper on the Aptera, which also has a shielded wiper emerging from the base of the glass windshield.

Also are you considering installing a complete underpan, the partial underpan that comes on the stock Prius leaves a lot to be desired, aerodynamically speaking.
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