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The government has banned the import of mini trucks from japan because certain states allowed them on the road when the federal government said they were illegal (they aren't crash tested here. aka fed wasn't paid 15 million in booty) At the moment the fed seizes them when found at the port.

Full story here
EPA Regulations - Japanese Mini Truck Forum

It will be a fight to be sure but probably one thats already lost

Originally Posted by shovel View Post
As far as I can tell... they're not suited to the average American body type.
Unless you are
1. 300lbs+
2. 7'+ tall
3. have a crappy model of vehicle

I strongly disagree, I own 3 micro vehicles a 1970 Subaru 360 which has more than enough leg room and head room (I am 6' 2") and I own a Miles ZX40 which is a Kei Class Daihatsu Move variation very similar to the mini trucks shown which has more then enough head and leg room.

The subaru 360 is somewhat difficult to get into and out of but that is because the thing is basically sitting on the ground, the side to side seating isn't optimal but length / leg room & head room is just fine.

My other micro car is a 1981 Comutacar which is american made but it requires you to sit with your legs straight down and is the most cramped but still has enough room, you just sit differently.

In terms of mileage it really depends on the vehicle and how its tuned, the Daihtsu Move kei van with the CVT tranny gets 50mph and that isn't imperial, too bad its not imported, my Subaru 360 with a bit of a gas leak, messed up exhaust and carb gets 45mpg in town at around 0-15 degree temperatures

Those trucks if running properly with a 5 speed manual that is NOT disabled like most are should get between 28-35mpg, some as high as 40mpg depending on model and displacement.

Most imported here are locked into certain gears, are not running optimally, lack a 5sp overdrive and have the wrong type of tires on them to get decent economy, also lifting the trucks blows any fuel economy.

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