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Ditto on the elevation/grade info. I borrowed a gps with elevation readout, but the constant monitoring and mental calculation required to determine rate of accent/decent was too time consuming and distracting.

Ditto on the wind conditions: Absolute, maybe. But I check the wind conditions before starting my commutes anyway. Relative wind would definitely useful. (Will I look too dorky with an anemometer and wind vane on the roof of my car? Will the drag offset any gains?)

Ditto on communications. But I don't need wireless. The SGII already has two serial ports. It would just be nice to poll it with a pc for data logging, or with a micro controller for mod control, etc. Why not share all data available, including calculated FE?

How about an integrated EFIE, with the ability to control it based on parameters such as throttle, rpm, or speed? eg, if speed > 45 and throttle < 25 and loop = closed then enable EFIE.

Speaking of controls, how about some programmable outputs for controlling our mods? In addition to the above mentioned EFIE, we could control torque-converter lockup, water injection, fuel vaporizer, alternator disable, HHO generator, etc., based on engine parameters.
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