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Interesting, but ive noticed a few things about it that i just cant agree with:

- Wrong trike design. - 2 wheels at the front (tadpole) is more stable and more aerodynamic
- Get rid of the air-con, or at least make it an option
- 3cyl 100hp? Why? For its size and weight 50 or 60hp is plenty (Note it doesn't specify the cc of the engine, why?)
- 120mph top speed? Not necessary. 80mph is fast enough
- 5speed manual? Excuse me?... a 6sp manual would be better, and only a 3spd auto... Talk about rubbish. a 5spd auto is available in most European cars, why not American?
- Only lap seat belts, but still has air bags. Great, so if you crash (likely due to the inherently unstable delta trike design) you'll get whiplash, and suffocated by an air bag instead of being held to the seat.

$19,000 is too much for a vehicle with those faults, sorry. I could buy a brand new Fiat Panda 1.3 multijet dynamic Diesel for only (9395) $13,265. I know, the panda isnt available in the US, but you can see my point?

Im not trying to annoy anybody, so sorry if i did. Im just saying that although that trike does look nice and gets good mpg, its just not much car for the price, that's all.
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