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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Good to know.
I had the impression that these things were power hogs.
I have seen lots of stereo setups where the guys had to have seperate batteries in the trunk just for the stereo.
Those guys are going for something else entirely.

Basically any time you want to increase output by 3dB you have to double wattage. A normal speaker might produce 90dB at 1 watt, to make it produce 93 dB you need 2 watts, 96dB you need 4 watts, 99dB you need 8 watts, 102dB is 16 watts, and before you see 105dB most regular automotive head units are unable to produce any more wattage.

(ignoring "cabin gain" here)

But you can see how this turns into serious electrical demands when guys are trying to get 140, 150, etc dB out of their system. The same 90dB efficient loudspeaker would need more than 8000 watts to produce 129dB (assuming it could handle the power)
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