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Just learned about this thread yesterday (e-mail about the competition), I voted your project straight away, and then settled in to read it. (while the paint dried, between coats)

Just finished. I must say I had to fight the urge to knee-jerk respond to problems you faced a year ago!

I have some Atmega8-16PUs already, I wish I could hack up something with some of the computer/DVD/Radio Control circuits I have . Just enough to run the motor from a kids plastic 4-wheeler off of a car battery .

I would almost be more interested in an AC version of this (and some sort of open-source motor that could be built with it.) My thoughts go toward wheel motors made from large alternators (I just hate the idea of drive-shafts and a transmission adding weight and wasting space for batteries).

I am keen to see what happens, if this is feasible and can be made cheaper/mass-producible once the R&D is done.
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