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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
The government has banned the import of mini trucks from japan because certain states allowed them on the road when the federal government said they were illegal (they aren't crash tested here. aka fed wasn't paid 15 million in booty) At the moment the fed seizes them when found at the port.
See, I've always felt this is flat out retarded. As long as you can legally buy and drive a motorcycle which has NO inherent safety features, or a convertible which has severely compromised safety compared to a hard top vehicle - you should be equally able to buy any of the little TukTuk or Kei tin cans. Want a safer car? Well, get one then. Willing to trade some collision safety for economy? Well, get a tin can. It's no less safe than a COMPLETELY LEGAL motorcycle or convertible

Completely nonsensical legislation.


Unless you are
1. 300lbs+
2. 7'+ tall
3. have a crappy model of vehicle

I strongly disagree, I own 3 micro vehicles a 1970 Subaru 360 which has more than enough leg room and head room (I am 6' 2") and I own a Miles ZX40 which is a Kei Class Daihatsu Move variation very similar to the mini trucks shown which has more then enough head and leg room.

That's all nifty, but I'm not complaining about the size of cars. I am within 8 pounds of willoughby athlete weight and am comfortable in nearly any vehicle. However, an alarmingly large ( ) number of Americans are over 300 lbs, many of us are nearly 7' tall... and I've seen people nag about not feeling roomy enough in midsize sedans like late model Accords, speaking of which have you noticed how fat cars are getting these days? You could carry three 1982 CVCC's in the trunk of a 2009 Civic. We Americans seem to love huge cars for some bizarre reason, and the overwhelming majority of us wouldn't buy a Kei car because we want big, fast, and now. I don't mean this as a discussion of what's right or wrong... just that's how it is. People want what they want and nag till they get it.
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