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not so bad

Where I live, here in New Mexico, we have a lot of motorcycles. I'm quite the enthusiast and frankly, here anyway, most drivers are quite courteous. I try to be a really good example to automobile drivers and do my part as a courteous driver anyway. I'm happier still to finally see more electric cycles getting on the road. We're building one that is designed for speeds over 100mph. Living here a 45 or 60 mile range is not really all that practical. It's 20 miles to town from where I live. Even living in Abq. you can burn up 45 miles real fast. Most that I've seen have been scooters around the university. With battery technology getting so much better, a couple I've seen have a 75mile range and a decent speed of 60mph. There are some amazingly well built home electrics that look great and have decent speed and range. Having a quick charge time is a big benefit for anyone. I carry a camera with me more now to try and get pictures of some of the ones I've seen. A lot more electric cars too. I do like the one from the link posted in this thread. First really nice looking commercial one I've seen in a while!

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