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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Hmmm... I'm wondering about such a list cuz darn near anything that's out of kilter can hurt fe.
It can thats true, but different things make different impacts, with the o2 sensor for instance, the ECU is only using it part of the time, and it'll dump extra fuel in, but only to a maximum amount allowed when comparing with the air flow meter reading. At least that is my understanding.

So if the difference in afm readings is too far from the o2 sensor the engine should want to go with the o2 sensor when it's at higher rpm but not straying too far from afm readings.

Lots of problems like vacuum lines will cause noticeable differences in the feel on the engine at low rpm (where you want to be for best fuel economy)

I also have the issue of a non-working t-vis (closes off part of the intake manifold to get better power at low rpm) so it really makes me want to rev the nuts off the engine since i'm only starting to make power at 3500 rpm!

So all those little things that make a difference at low rpm, like spark cables plugs and dist cap, will help a LOT by keeping you in the green zone if nothing else
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