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Originally Posted by JohnnyGrey View Post
To get the most from our fuels, we need two things:

1. Engines designed around and dedicated to burning 100% pure ethanol.

2. Pure gasoline for our current vehicles.

Automakers can bump up the compression ratio and change the fuel maps for existing engines that burn only ethanol. That way they'll be able to squeeze as much power as possible from it.

Also, by getting the ethanol out of our gasoline, existing cars will get an instant 10% mpg boost.
Any car made since 1990 can run up to 50% alcohol NOW, no modification necessary, so why convert, just add alcohol.

Originally Posted by JohnnyGrey View Post

However, running ANY amount of ethanol in cars designed for gasoline is foolish. No good comes from giving gasoline engines ethanol. The reason the oil companies aren't up in arms about it is because it doesn't actually decrease gasoline consumption. The volume displaced by the ethanol is on par with the MPG decrease. That extra volume may as well be air. The only favors done here, are for the corn farmers.
I don't get your logic, any alcohol you burn is displacing gasoline, just at 95% per gallon equivalent. The real reason big oil is not up in arms is that not enough alcohol is yet in the system to make a difference to their bottom line. As far as doing favors for corn farmers, wouldn't you rather give a dollar to an Iowa corn farmer than give it to despots, dictators, and thieves? If you want to have a US foreign policy that can affect real change in the middle east, stop giving them our money.


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