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Buy his book!

Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I got to see David Blume speak not too long ago.

He's the author of THE book on making your own ethanol.
He is a big fan of making alcohol from SUSTAINABLY grown crops.

He also won an award for his reporting on how oil businesses were buying up corn futures, artificially, driving up the price. (NOT food vs fuel, which is more media spin than anything)

There is a big ethanol plant about 20 miles from my house, which has just gone bankrupt. They put a TON of money into the place to get up and running, and then the price of ethanol dropped in half, once the "corn-bubble" popped.

Who will buy it? Perhaps an oil company? They would get a really good deal on the place. We do have more and more government requirements for "clean energy", and big businesses would do well to diversify.

We do have some county planners who are presenting the concept of an Eco-Business park on that property. Would be really cool if that went through!
Hi all,
I just joined this thread, and find it disconcerting how much misinformation is out there concerning ethanol. I humbly suggest everyone go out and read David Blume's book "Alcohol Can Be a Gas" before repeating the things you hear on TV about ethanol, most is incorrect at best. Well, at least read the first couple of chapters, it's a BIG book!

It doesn't sound like the operators of the distillery near you had a good business plan, if they were entirely dependent on corn. They should have been able to switch to another feedstock and keep on going.

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