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Originally Posted by 8307c4 View Post
Brazil's corn oil comes at a steep price, just the labor alone would be considered slavery. They put up with it, why, I can only guess there exists little in the way of options. These folks are doing what must be done.
I haven't heard the Brazilian use much corn for fuel, they mostly use sugercane to make ethanol. I think they mostly use corn for cattle feed, just like we do in the US. As far as working conditions and pay, I don't have any facts, so I can't really comment.

Originally Posted by 8307c4 View Post
Oh sure, they burn it first to make it easier.
Which in turn presents a huge ecological weight.

And I could be wrong but I don't think it's good for longevity.
As far as longevity goes, burning and making fuel from living plants is carbon neutral, carbon in, carbon out. Digging up carbon from millions of years ago is not. So if you are concerned about Global Warming, it is much better to grow and burn then to dig and burn.

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