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Originally Posted by naturalextraction View Post
When I saw that I looked out my window an saw my 1968 Cuda and thought, now that is an idea I could implement with something that has the basic outline anyway. I do custom fabrication metal work anyway and I've been wanting to do something along those lines. I'm working on fairings for my Bonneville bike and this would help move me along anyway. That cuda with a 318 four barrel at highway cruse it achieves 27mpg. I'm sure with a solid underbelly pan, and wheel fairing, lexan for the back tail light area, etc, I can get it over 30+. I have some other modifications on the induction system that make it that efficient. All while still having it's 235hp on tap. I like the Honda! Great aerodynamic modifications.
It's a shame that even though carmakers are making retro designs, they aren't copying good aerodynamics from the past. I guess focus groups don't like aero
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