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$100!!! That's awesome!!!!!!! You are very talented. That's going to be a great controller. I saw your motor cycle. Very nice! What tools did you use to make such a beautiful box???!!! It was amazing!

That's the nice thing about a metal box is the heat can get out! hehe. My controller has an ATMega8 for PWM and monitoring throttle position, current, and temperature. Later I'll add a sensor to limit motor RPM too. I had an extra A/D channel I wasn't using, so why not? And it's only about an extra $5 to do it. Current limiting is also implemented in hardware. The hardware sends a signal to the microcontroller that the mosfet driver has been disabled. The microcontroller then waits for the current to come back under 500 amps, and then re-enables the mosfet driver.

I fixed a few mistakes in the program. I tested everything in the simulator, and it all seems to work very well. I think it's ready to put on the chip. Now all I need to do is finish the breadboard of the control circuit to test it out. Well, I also need to finish the dang box. It's getting close!
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