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I can't edit the first post. Guess the permissions of the board are set to not allow edits after so long. I have all of the expensive parts purchased already so I can list that part of it.

PMSM Motor for Burnisher Motor was $450+40 shipping
Batteries are Everstart Maxx Marine deep cycle/starting batteries. $70 x 6 KBL72301 controller $550 + 40 shipping 72V,8A charger $200 shipped with the controller.
X00078R [Shoup Manufacturing Company] Sprockets $73

Misc stuff:
2 battery boxes $8 ea
12 Terminals $2 ea
Wire ? have to find it first
Chain, Prob get a #50 chain from Lowes for $25 to make sure everything is good. Then get a good 530 O-ring chain ~$100
GameCube controller to cut apart for the analog triggers ~$10
Random wiring and switches I already have.
Parts for battery balancer circuit ~$75
Alternator Mods ~$25

Total so far: $2,000

So I arbitrarily picked $5,000 at the start of this thinking buying all new parts would cost a bit more. Guess I came in under budget. I am not done yet so it might get more expensive. I might have to build an idler shaft if the gearing doesn't work out right. I know the batteries I picked are pretty cheap so it will limit my electric only range. Getting good batteries are more like $200 each for optima yellow tops. I plan on going to LiFePO4 next summer so that is the reason for picking those batteries. If I add solar cells to it then I am looking at another $350 added to it.

The welded sprockets are really heavy so I don't see how they could possibly fail. They are made for tractor attachment use. So they can handle 100hp PTO drives. The mars brushless motor can put out 15hp so I should be well within the safe range of power. I guess I will find out when I start driving it

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