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Thanks for the quick reply and link. I'm still stuck guarding this place till 11 so I have lots of time on my hands and will read up. I tend to think too deeply when programming so I'm sure ill do the same with these chips. I think I alreayd have the basics figured out like the physical pins are just variables that can be read via the program. At least that's how I would design a chip. I was very comfortable learning assembly language several years ago but writing a program with that in your head can give one a migrain esp if the program is as complex as yours. Well ill stop bugging you and let you get back to work. Also great pics. Makes me want to get back into modding I have 2 ccfl lights with the 12volt driver if you ever want to pimp out the box lol ones blue and ones red, gives a nice wash with a purple mid-range. Just say the word and its yours.
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