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Actually it works quite nicely for the Toyota and Ford hybrids. The Atkinson cycle and hybrid transmissions provide a relatively flat ICE efficiency. When I put in my NHW11 Prius numbers there was good agreement on:
  • 100 mph mileage - 22 MPG measured and calculated
  • 18 mph maximum range - the model shows ~92 MPG and mine show ~84 MPG
  • 5 mph MPG - the model shows 65 MPG and mine 55 MPG
This is close enough without going nuts but you are right that Otto cycle vehicles need an 'efficiency' curve or table, not a single number.

One of the less well know aspects of hybrids is their ability to keep the engine in an extended, peak BSFC range. There are a two inflection points, the maximum EV speed, 42 mph for Prius, and maximum MG1 rpm that at higher speeds requires the engine to turn faster than idle. But these are subtle effects not well understood outside of the hybrid community. Think of them as shift points and that is close enough.

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