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I don't remember seeing that Barracuda before, great design for Bonneville! What a great looking car to boot! Almost looks like a nose piece from a Super Bird from the era but it's not.
Lowering the car is a big help and the nose piece is really great. For my use a type of retractable head lamp assembly from a Corvet would be fairly easy to place for street. That picture is motivating. I took a picture of literally every car at Bonneville last year for the main purpose of Aerodynamics as applied to the individual cars characteristics. Implementation of those ideas takes time to do them well. Right now my 72 Dusters engine is done and ready for installation. It has the new fuel system developed and I'll be re-painting it anyway. So implementation of those modifications are prime. It already has a belly pan that helped strengthen the Uni body frame along with frame rail connectors. It is NOT aerodynamic and just adding the body pan made a very noticeable difference. Although the scoops are nice they are just more drag. (Below older photo, it wont have that type of flame job) A nose like the Cuda from the above may still look good. I'm hoping to pull the Bike trailer to Bonneville with the Duster. The Cuda is looking like a better candidate. Sounds like I better make up my mind pretty soon! Aerodynamics is really cool and I'm enjoying learning more about it and application to specific gains towards this subject matter of mileage and efficiency. We're building an 1/8 scale model of the Bike to place in a small wind tunnel we made. Hoping to find the best design for this bike. Thanks for the pix of the Cuda Hypermiler01!
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