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You may be in luck. The diagram suggests there are two heating elements that may be wired in series. If so and each element measures equal resistance, you could rewire them so they are in in parallel AFTER CHECKING THE CURRENT LIMIT OF THE TEMPERATURE CONTROL! I would recommend contacting the vendor or manufacturer of the unit and make sure this is OK by them. The obvious advantage is you'll have four times the heat for a quicker warm-up.

What I don't know is if you have enough space to work on the electronics without having to break the coolant loop. You know better how easy it is to access the electrical side. Still, this is a fairly standard way vendors handle mixed voltage electrical systems.

I would also suggest setting your timer for a longer duration than your usual 'leave time' and then use the "unplug it switch" before you leave. The unit will still come on in time but when you actually get in the car, you'll unplug it and say 1-2 hours later, the timer will shutoff and stay off until the next day. That way if you stay home (sick or sleep-in or gone on a trip,) you won't run up an excessive electrical bill. <grins>

My car is outside so I slip-on shoes and 'house clothes' and run out to plug it in. The dog joins me and gets to stay out for a few minutes. Invigorated by the 'fresh air,' I come back in and eat breakfast, get dressed for work and head out to the car to unplug it just before leaving for work. But I plan to rig up an automatic plug in the future.

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