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Very good suggestions Bob, thanks for your insight. Really wish I had properly analyzed the electrical situation before installing the heater; it's not coming out anytime soon. I can't get to the electrical side without removal. I'd be a little wary of doubling the power output of this thing, too. And I have quite a suspicion that the manufacturer would NOT endorse me modifying this thing in any way. They did not even respond to my email inquiry about the feasibility of running this 240V model on 120V.

One question though, why are you squaring the voltage? B/C of the AC current? Watts = volts * amps, but is that only for DC? I should really know this... too bad I sold my circuits book back to the bookstore. I'm not 100% sure that there are dual heating elements in this thing... could be one longer looped element.

I think I will live with the low power for this spring and think about it again next fall. If I am indeed down at 175 watts, well then I suppose I'll just feel better about running the heater for a couple more hours before startup.
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