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If there is a lot of movement where the sprocket is attached to the cv shaft then it would probably be a lot of work to get the chain to stay on and not jump off or wear out quickly.

My car has been lowered and only has about a half inch of travel before hitting the bumpstops. So I have a pretty small amount of movement up and down. There is a bit of front to back movement from the wheels steering. But in total there is less than an inch of movement so that is fine for a chain drive setup. The main thing that seems to kill a chain is a twisting motion that stresses the links.

I really wanted to put the sprocket on the axle hub sticking out of the transmission but there just isn't much room to get a sprocket around the hub without hitting the trans. I figure putting it on the axle shaft is a compromise and if it doesn't work then I am only out like 20 bucks trying it out so no big loss really. I don't think it will be a problem though. I guess I will know for sure next week after it is all put together.

The batteries are all here, the motor and sprockets are here, the controller is on it's way and will be here in a day or two, and all that is left is I need some chain and some wire. Spring break starts next week so I am hoping to get it basically done next week.

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