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Originally Posted by pinoyFMtC View Post
Nice vid haha. If the tC had the 1NZ-FE 1.5L from the xA/xB, I don't think it would be as well suited for my trips to the track haha. It would be good for mileage though.

Most people with tCs use piggyback engine managment to tune fuel when they go forced induction. Naturally Aspirated, tCs don't make much power with a piggyback or any other NA mods. Therefore, power wise forced induction is the only cost effective way to make power on these engines. However, I wonder if a piggyback could help mileage wise?

Our ECUs are not too piggyback friendly either, the ECU likes to "fight" it. The best solution is standalone engine management, and that is big $$$.
Oh well, that's a shame. I think there was this "sweet spot" in early OBD I/II controllers where the ECU was "dumb enough" to fool.

I like to ask this because there was this dude with a first gen Mitsubishi Eclipse with an Apex'i type of fuel controller. He could go to the track on the weekends and race, but manage 40+ MPG on his weekly commute. Best of both worlds, thanks in part to his low-IQ ECU.


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