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Spring F-EV-er

Spring is on the way.

As for today, -21C with wind chills making it feel more like low -30C's. I am just itching for warmer weather so that I can get out there and start working on the car.

This is a picture from today of the car that I want to convert over to electric:

You can see how I am testing the vehicle's weight handling abilities by the amount of snow piled on top of it ;P

Yesterday, I obtained my first piece of the conversion build:

a retired fire extinguisher from 1977! It's more of a tool than a part, but it will stay with the vehicle. Luckily, I got it for free from our manufacturing division at work as they were updating and swapping them out.

These past few days, I have been thinking about what to use as batteries. I may not have found my answer, but I did find these:

These batteries are brutes! Still I have no idea if I could enlist them in my build. They look like big powerful buggers (85 lbs each), but I am afraid that they might not be designed to have "cranking amps" and and rather have more of a "steady amps".

If it sounds like I don't know what I am talking about, it's probably because I only know enough to know that I don't really know.

Even though I have no idea if they are going to work, I bought them and am excited about them because I got them at what I would consider a decent price.

The original already discounted price for each one was $120 Canadian. They were surplus product, so they were price again reduced to 50% off. Because we were selling them where I work, I get an additional 20% off as an employee perk, but to sweeten the deal, I asked if I could get a 75% if I took all five that we had, and an agreement was made.

I got them for $30 each and the best thing about them is they are returnable for if they don't work.

The real kicker is that I don't know what exactly this means:

Here are the specs on the batteries:



100 Ah @ 8 hour rate to 1.75 v/c @ 77F (25C)

ICE Rating: 98.1 Ah @ 10 hour rate to 1.80 v/c @ 68F (20C)

800 Amperes

4000 Amperes @ 0.1 Second

0.0034 Ohms

Each are 12 volt 6 cell batteries.

I understand that these would be used as backup power batteries and as the name states they have a long duration which should be good for range I would think. I just don't know how they would fair for "go" power; plus they are used.

I am going to model my vehicle based on the "Forkenswift" using MetroMPG's schematic as the framework to my electrical system.

I re-drew it to a couple of variations and pretty much ended up with this:

Note that I forgot to add the Precharge Resistor to this version of the drawing, but I have now learned of it's function.

Next I will have to go hunting for a used DC electric motor, hopefully 48 volts and a controller setup to go with it. My plan is that if I can obtain the components to start with, I should be able to begin hooking them up to make my drive system operable before it even sees the car, then start fabricating from there.


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