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Originally Posted by Funny View Post
What program are you running in order to get the 2D wind tunnel information? Is it open source, and can I have it please?

Seriously, you are putting a tremendous amount of effort into theoretical models. I laud you on this, but there is a point when theory breaks down and one must make a physical representation of ones work. I can't wait to see a finished product.
I beg to differ. I am constantly building antennas for amateur radio, and I start with a modeling program (3 actually), because it saves a TON of time. Yes, I agree that modeling programs are imperfect, and that there is nearly always empirical "tweaking" of the finished design needed to get it "perfect". Meanwhile, I know others that are wasting money, time, and materials (read: feeding landfills & producing more toxins & CO2) experimenting with trial & error designs.

I think it's pretty cool that he's modeling on a computer first, ie starting with known science to predict outcomes. As my interest grows in aerodynamics, I'm now looking for free or inexpensive fluid modeling programs.
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