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Nitrogen Enriched Fuel by Shell

I saw this at a couple of pumps near my house so I had to research it see what it was exactly ..

We've made a great product even better!

The experts at Shell have found a way to destroy gunk with all three grades of Shell gasoline! Every drop of Shell gasoline contains a NEW Nitrogen Enriched cleaning system that seeks and destroys engine gunk in both conventional and modern engines. There's nothing else like it!

What makes NEW Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines even better?
A unique, patented, improved formula exclusive to Shell designed to seek and destroy engine gunk.
Acts as a barrier to help keep your engine clean and protect it from performance-robbing gunk even better than before.
Helps protect and clean critical engine parts in all three grades of Shell gasoline with the most advanced Shell technology ever.
Helps improve engine performance as you drive.
Has been extensively tested, clocking more than a half-million miles in various engines and vehicles, covering a wide range of conventional, modern turbo-charged, direct fuel- injected and hybrid engines.

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