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It is coming together quickly mainly because I am just throwing money at it

The only actual work has been to build some battery trays. Spring break is coming up soon and as flexible and as easy as the car is to modify I don't see why it can't be more or less working by the end of next week assuming everything I have works like I am planning.

On the controller it has some copper lugs sticking out to attach the wiring. I can get copper crimp on lugs to attach the wiring to them but I don't think using standard steel bolts to attach it would be correct. Is it possible to find copper bolts and nuts to get it all together?

Also at the parts store they have these big blade disconnect switches. It says 250A continuous and 500A max. Do any of you think that adding a couple of those inline in my battery bank would hurt anything? I am thinking of putting them on there with the old airbag impact sensors to trigger solenoids to kick them open in case of an accident. So 2 switches could cut the bank into three sections at 24V each and be a lot safer than a 72V pack.

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