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swapping 1994 engine/tranny into a 1992, both automatic

Okay guys, 90metro here trying to LURN SUMTEEN!!

I have a 1994 Geo Metro automatic with an 88k engine (but a rusted out frame and body). My plan is to lift and place the engine/tranny from it into a 1992 Geo Metro automatic with an excellent body but blown engine.

I've been told it's a simple swap. However, simple is as simple do, and I'm about as simple (mechanically speaking) as they come. Does anybody know of any step-by-step procedural guides for such a replacement? I visited past posts but didn't notice anything off the bat, and I'll continue on the internet.

Trust me, I'd rather a mechanic do it. But what fun would that be?? No seriously, every mechanic-friend I've called pulls the ol' "sure, I'll be over Friday" and never shows up. This has been going on for 6 months now.

Maybe Johnny Mullet can make the trip from Ashtabula to Pickerington for a few beers.....waddya say man??

Thanks everybody,


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