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Aw, too bad. These batteries I got are 2.5 times larger than Swift car batteries that I got. I thought they would be killer (2.5 times greater by my logic), but I will still use them for testing. I somehow knew just by looking at the terminals that they would be weak for this project but they will definitely be used no matter what (another project, or returned ).

I have read the voltages without charging and got 6-8 volts on most with the extra one being at a low 4.

The batteries say something about float charging on them, I'll have to take a closer look. I was hoping to do a charge followed by a load test on them while waiting to go down to the forklift shop; I finally got the invite, but will have to wait until I have a day off work on a weekday to go down.

Speaking of work...

Bad case of the Fridays. Thanks for the info
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