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An electrical engineer offered to send me his fancy breadboard! I think he's mailing it today. It will be nice to have one with SOLID connections. I've been planning the layout of the control section. I have it so that there is only a single path that connects the digital grounds to the analog grounds, and through that path is a ferrite bead. Even though the atheist communist coal burning, um, Tiananmen Square, um, "great leap forward" breadboard was crap, part of the reason things weren't working was because I had some settings wrong on the oscilloscope. hehe. The breadboard still had bad connections, though.

Fran suggested that I have the hardware overcurrent shutdown (HOS) be turned back on by a human at first, since he said the HOS can mask slow response time in the software (because the HOS always works super fast!). I doubt it will come up that much anyway if a person is doing non-jack rabbit driving. The most I've ever used around town is 300 amps. But even if you routinely hang right at the 500 amp mark (or 600 or whatever), the HOS will take care of that. I shut off the mosfets and put in a delay of about 5 cycles each time the forbidden 500 amp mark (not to be confused with the Forbidden City in Communist China) is crossed.

I tested the HOS part on my baby (non-commy) breadboard. I faked the current signal, and it works perfectly! ya!

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