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Love it but very very confused

This has to be one of the coolest things ive seen in a long time.. now maybe I dont get out much but I like knowing the details of how my vehicles work and this is just for that.
That being said, the Devils in the details. You should be able to find the numbers for injectors etc and plug them in and be pretty darn close. But Im not even close to "close" with my numbers.
I really wish someone could tell me why my actual usec/gal is soo far off from the computed value.
For my two 55# TBI injectors I get a computed usec/gal of 196,363,636.36 The 68# injectors give a smaller number that is still Way too big.

The actual number is closer to 0038,823,529. I should be able to get closer then this without having to wait for a tank of fuel to be run through.

What exactly is a usec/gal anyway? I have read sooooo many threads but still haven't seen usec explain in a logical way that makes sense. It is technically micro seconds per gallon right?
Is this basically just volume of that particular injector? Hmm but then what exactly is a micro second?

Ok someone correct me if Im wrong. I never was really good at the math stuff. I found this definition on the net.
A microsecond is '''one millionth (10^-6) of a second; one thousandth of a millisecond'''

Ok then if I am figureing this right then to convert to seconds one would have to take that huge long number and divide by how many zeroes are in a million.
Hmm 196,363,636 \ 1000000 = 196.36 seconds. So it should take this injector at 13# of pressure 196.37 seconds or 3.3 minutes to fill one gallon gas can of fuel?

Lets try that with the actual(best estimate based on known mpg)
38,823,529 \ 1000000 = 38.82 seconds. So using the above computation I could fill a 1 gallon gas can in 38 seconds.?.? Uhhh is this even possible? I am very confused. I have a headache, Can someone make sense of this?

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