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Last year, many car dealers were filling tires up with nitrogen. They were charging $20.00 per tire for this. What was the benefit? Making the dealers a profit at the expense of ignorant people. You can buy a cylinder 60 inches tall for $15.00 that will fill at least 200 225 75R15 tires! This started with NASCAR as they put nitrogen in their race car tires to control tire pressure increases when the tires get hot in a race. Aircraft uses nitrogen to control expansion of tire pressure at altitudes. PEOPLE........NITROGEN IS INERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means it doesn't react with anything. IT WON'T BURN, IT WON'T CLEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!! I have a news flash for you....THE ATMOSPHERE IS MADE UP WITH 78% OF THE STUFF!!!! So...78% of the air that your engine, lungs, tires, basket balls and the like, take in is already at 78%. What percentage does SHELL add (if any)? I bet no one knows. They fill potato chip bags with the stuff to prevent spoilage....yep....inert! Fill a bag with oxygen and it will spoil fast! Don't take my word for it, prove it to yourself. Just go to a welding supply store with a book of matches. Strike a match, let it burn for a second, then blow it out. Have the salesman turn a stream of oxygen on the ember and it will magically REIGNITE with vigor! Try the same experiment with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, or even helium and the match will stop smoldering as fast as sticking it in water! You guessed it....INERT! DOES NOT SUPPORT COMBUSTION! So....will someone PLEASE explain to me how this is good for power in your engine, how it will clean? PEOPLE, WAKE UP and save your money!
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