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Thumbs up 2009 goal fulfilled - Do I aim too low?

I said it here, that I would break into 500 mile club this year, when I barely managed 400 miles using P&G to the best of my (then) abilities.

Kept improving techniques, kept reading on the forum, and chatted about FE skills and practices till wife got mad at me. But the result showed in the third tank itself - and it came through the rapid acceleration advice here / on I improved 10 mpg over my last tank, and broke into the 500 miles club! I averaged 56.66 mpg and covered 537 miles in ~9.5 gal on my 1.5L 5MT Honda City Sedan, which is also called Honda Fit Aria elsewhere in the world.

I have no instrumentation - don't know enough to mess with wiring of my vehicle to put an mpguino, vehicle is non-OBD for Scangauge, woes unlimited on that front - so can only note tank-to-tank. Also have to depend on others for technique testing feedback / A-B-A tests, as I have no means of instantaneous feedback - A lot can change over a tank, so cannot rely on myself for help in that department unless I follow a technique faithfully over the entire tank.

Please let me know if this is ok, as far as a car with no modifications other than chucking spare tire and overinflated tires (50 PSI, ever since I knew about benefits). I would like pointers to low hanging fruits for further improvements.

Also what should I aim for for the rest of the year, considering my car and other aspect. Making me aware of my realistic potential is the greatest help I can find here, in addition to equipping me with knowledge and skills to realize it.

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