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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I've never tried to compute usPerGallon. Since you can derive it by comparing fuel used at a refill, it seemed an academic exercise fraught with variables.

it represents the amount of time the in microseconds the injectors would have to stay open in order to dispense a gallon under actual operating conditions. injDelay (again in microseconds) is subtracted from each injector pulse.
Thanks dcb, Did you find anything wrong with my computational comparison between injector actual and computed? I feel I must be doing something wrong in computing the injector flow rate to be off that far.
Either that or I am getting confused by number of injectors versus cylinders. I know most of you guys are running smaller cars where you have 1 injector per cylinder, which is most often 4 to 4. But I am running 2 injectors for 8 cylinders. Seems to me that should figure into the math somehow but I haven't quite figured out how.
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