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free OBD2 software with MPG calc

I have downloaded a few different OBD2 software but none of them include MPG calculation


I have tried:
VitalScan - came with my OBD2 to Bluetooth dongle no MPG
Digimoto Lite - /installs/lite/ free but no MPG
Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser free but no MPG
JDash - no MPG on screenshots
OBD-Diag - no MPG
OBD2 Gala - no MPG
AvgInternals - no MPG
Mitsulogger 1.6b3 - no MPG The Aktive Matrix - Log in
OBD Scan Tech - Generic NoMPg The Aktive Matrix - Log in
AGV4000 Supertool - no mpg in screenshots AGV4000 Supertool
windmill - says it does mpg in excel...Interfacing a vehicle's OBDII system to a PC
evoscan $25us shows MPG on the MUTII screen not the OBDII screen EvoScan OBDII Mitsubishi MUTII DataLogger Scantool
OBD-II Scanmaster v. - free no mpg
ScanTool v1.13 - free no mpg
easyobd 2.2.0 - free no mpg in screenshots
obdlogger v1.1.0 - see wOBD
PcmScan - Free to TRY, script for MPG

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