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Thanks, guys, for the kind words!

I would take this opportunity to thank the following for their silent help -

PaleMelanesian - He is my inspiration for a 'driver-edu only' modding - clean, easy and effective!
MetroMPG - for the easy bumpstart technique
SVOBoy - for the jackrabbit pulse ABA, which helped quite a LOT
phleas - Anyone would need three rebirths to mod a cavalier so completely
basjoos - AeroCivic is a silent teacher to quite a lot of guys

I am ordering the MPGuino today. $63 is not a small amount for me. I am not really confident doing this. but I know I can find help here. So its OK. Otherwise I am so lonely here, that it is scary - When I asked my service engineer about getting some help installing an MPGuino, he started giving out ominous warnings as to why it is so bad to touch the original wiring, how small mistakes would result in catastrophic engine failures etc...

Daox - How does the grill block help? aero? engine warming? If it is mainly for engine warmup, I may not be needing it, as it is already 85 deg F here, and could go up to 110 deg F in peak summer. If guys in Arizona/Nevada/south Texas need grill blocks, I may probably need one. If they don't, I definitely don't. Please tell me if I do.

As far as next goal is concerned, I am thinking of 70 MPG - so that I don't have to bump it upwards in quite a while. But hey, I would be glad to even repeat my last tank!

It was interesting to note that most replies on this threads are from guys having 1.5L'ish vehicles
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