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Originally Posted by Blue Bomber Man View Post
I'm worried that putting the wheels on outriggers will increase the frontal area in way that is not offset by the decrease in Cd.

It is an issue,although it does widen the tripod base for the rig.The Sylph won't tip,is very stable as reported and at Cd 0.10-11 ( windtunnel at JPL I think ) approaches the lower limit for Cd in ground-effect.------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm running an old air-cooled VW torsion-bar double-tube setup on my Frankensteinian mini-Hypercar project.I'll pay a penalty in Af,but it will also stand up to the monster pot-holes around here,and if I get slammed at the front in a wreck,may save my bacon.-------------------------------------- You've got the right idea with the two-up front,single rear trike,as it provides the greatest potential for drag reduction.-------------------------------------------------- I like your graphics,keep us up-dated.
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