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Originally Posted by Blue Bomber Man View Post
I will have to think about it once I get a better idea on how my current build performs. The idea is to keep all costs down, so I certainly make all efforts to improve aerodynamics so that I can keep the drivetrain costs down. I think that having the wheels on outriggers and then trimming them out so that they are aerodynamic could be a bit cost prohibitive, but I think I will definitely play around with it when I get more fluent in Solidworks.

Good chance I will look into a larger 4-wheel design with fully inclosed wheels that has a bit more ground clearance then this design where the wheels will almost be like on stilts, kinda like Aptera's rearwheel except for all 4.
Blue Bomber Man,did you ever see a photo of the 3-wheeler that Doug Maleweicki (sp?) was putting together for his "One tank across America" attempt? It's pretty tasty and exhibits a creative front end with very low cross-section to enclose suspension/steering/wheels.It's worth a look.
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