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This is my layout of all the components in the previous schematic.

Blue Caps: CORNELL DUBILIER 380LQ821M400A052
Diode on blue heatsink: IXYS SEMICONDUCTOR DSEI30-06A
Black Cap: RUBYCON 450USC560M35X50
Inductors: 150uh each E70340-015 from
The shunt isn't being used at the moment...

It's pretty crude, and as you'll see, it presents some problems, but I think it's an ok test bed.

The small board in the bottom (half off the picture) is a 555 timer setup for PWM at 62 khz (according to the oscilloscope).

The DC clamp meter reads the load amps, 1.35 amps in this case. Off to the left of the picture, the yellow and black wire lead to a load; I started with some heating element wires and ended with a 12V battery.

The yellow wires up top leading away from the rectifier go to a 24V 10A transformer that I'm using just for testing. It's nice having an isolated low voltage power source.
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