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Two other independent lists:
Automobile drag coefficient - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Automotive aerodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What I really want to see is CdA data on modified cars. So, in .csv format:

Make,Model,Year,Cd,Height (In),Width (In),Frontal Area (ft^2),CdA
Volkswagen,1L Concept,,0.15,39.6,49.2,11.0,1.63
Aerocivic,Civic Hatch,1992,0.17,50.9,66.9,19.9,3.38
Subaru,Legacy Wagon,1995 - 1998,0.32,57.1,67.5,22.5,7.19

Aerocivic data from I'm sure the coastdown testing generated CdA data, which was then divided by a guesstimated value of A. I then multiplied the reported Cd by my own guess of A. I would love to know if this matches the CdA from the coastdown testing.

If so, then the conclusion is powerful: Most compact cars have very similar CdA, and I would only gain a 14% improvement in aerodynamics by trading my Subaru wagon in for a Civic hatch. Even the Insight is only 30% better than my car, but the Aerocivic moves through the air with 49% the effort of the Subaru.

If you want a slick car, you have to build it yourself?

If anyone has measured the CdA of their cars before and after aeromods, I'd love to see your results.
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