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Hey guys. I will work on clearing up my post. I just absolutely wanted to get the reason for my project out there so people understood why I wanted to start this project. The actual idea behind the project--that is proving that the Honda Insight is more fuel efficient with past technology than with the hybrid drive train and what not, it what is most important to me. In other words I want to temporarily bring back the perspective that using two engines to make a car more fuel efficient is not the most practical idea in the world. Sure it's a good idea--but it shouldn't be our only option here in America for fuel efficient cars. Then again the hybrids we have today aren't fuel efficient anyways, and sadly the future does not look much brighter.

And remember guys; my $500 insight is a rolling, moving chassis. It has no drive train as of now, and like I said I want a nonhybrid drivetrain. And that's where you guys come in. Give me some ideas.

The $1800 Honda Insight is another one I am thinking about buying, but I likely will not be able to get the money to get it before someone else does. I mean it does run and drive and while it has front end damage, it basically amounts to only cosmetics with the addition of a bumper and some headlights.
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