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I was reading the obduino.pde at

obduino.pde - opengauge - Google Code

Line 125 and 135 have input of oxygen sensors 1 and 2 respectively

What is the data being polled? If its the narrowband voltage off the sensors, would a formula make somewhere shortly after 945 more accurate?

The coding assumes a constant 14.7:1 ratio, but some vehicles have a variance of 12->25 (during coast/hard accel/other than perfect conditions). If we were able to manually enter our low and high, or even a few 10ths of a volt each way, the formula would become ridiculously more accurate (variable vs. constant).

But that is based off 125 and 135 getting the voltage from the 02 sensors.

It is also 1AM for me, and I will use that as an excuse for all my fallacies I have presented (if found)
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