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Hey Ben! That was a really evil laugh. It goes well with that crazy mad scientist look you get sometimes.

It's a serial plug. I don't know the name. It's on the back of most computers and it looks sort of like the plug to the monitor. Is that a COM plug? It's definitely not USB.

I'm going to put that caulking stuff around the edges of the box to make sure everything is sealed. It would be nice if air could flow, but I think the heat sink is going to be good enough for that. After like 5 minutes of pretty hard driving up hills and stuff, the copper heat spreader was barely above the surrounding temperature (I felt it). Ian has had some problems with his controller getting hot, but the copper heat spreader and the more efficient mosfets seem to help a lot. I still haven't given it any real hard test, since it would make me really sad if it broke on the first day.
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